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Pet Store in York, ME & Wells, ME

Pet Store Wells ME As pet lovers themselves, the staff at Reigning Cats and Dogs understands how important the health and comfort of your pets is to you.  Because of this, Reigning Cats and Dogs is a pet store in York, ME that only stocks the finest food and accessories, and hosts high-end dog training classes and dog grooming services.  Reigning Cats and Dogs has everything you need to support your pet, and a few things you didn't know were needed!

Reigning Cats and Dogs proudly serves pet owners in York, ME and surrounding areas from two convenient locations that ensure that pet store trips are easy and affordable.  The staff goes out of their way to make sure that your experience visiting is pleasurable and that you leave with the highest quality products.  A pet store that's staffed with true experts, Reigning Cats and Dogs friendly staff have their knowledge and experience available to customers that need a little assistance or a professional opinion on product they're considering to purchase.

Keeping your pet happy and healthy is the primary goal of all dog owners alike. At Reigning Cats and Dogs, we understand this and we make it our mission as well to provide professional pet services for all dogs and cats. Out pet store isn't like most that you find around the York, ME area. We sell high quality food and pet products but we also offer a wide variety of pet services as well.

Folks from across the York, ME region know where to go for the best grooming and supplies for their pets. Reigning Cats & Dogs is one of the most well-known pet stores in the area, offering high quality pet products and professional pet services. From dog grooming to training with an expert, everything you need for a happy and healthy pet can be found right here at Reigning Cats & Dogs of York, ME.

We offer professional dog training classes in all of York, ME!

We offer classes to help foster a healthy connection with your pet.  Please check our Events Calendar on our website to see when the next classes are available. Our dog training classes will help take the pressure off you, your dog will be obedient and know how to behave in a variety of situations. Our dog training classes are very popular, please sign up early.

If your dog could benefit from some additional training classes, consider signing them up for one of our Wednesday night classes. We strive to encourage good behavior and obedience and we believe this is capable of any pet. Call us today to learn more about out dog training classes.

At Reigning Cats & Dogs Grooming & Pet Supplies, we understand the importance of a great relationship with your dog. Dog training is all about improving that relationship and helping you and your dog communicate effectively. We provide dog training to help you learn those important skills through all stages of your pet’s development. We assist owners in molding happy, well-balanced, and sound dogs whose only habit is being a best friend and an enjoyable member of the family in the York, ME area.

At Reigning Cats & Dogs, we have many different options for dog training courses. Get your pet into a training class to get them on the right track to a happy and obedient life. If you are unfamiliar with the types of dog training classes offered through our store, you can check out our website or give us a call. One of our staff members would be happy to assist you.

Each Wednesday night, Reigning Cats and Dogs also offers professional dog training classes for all breeds of dog.  Including basic commands, behavior, and obedience classes, dog training classes are just the thing for any new pup to carve out a happy and productive place in the family. We hope you rely on our dog training services so you can have a very well-trained pet!

dog grooming York, ME

Dog Grooming For York & Wells, ME

Throughout York, ME, Reigning Cats & Dogs is one of the best options when it comes to professional dog grooming services. Sometimes we get very busy with our daily schedules and we forget about grooming our dogs. With our dog grooming services, you will get excellent grooming services that your dog will love. We want your furry friend to look forward to our dog grooming services. If you are in the York & Wells, ME area looking for dog grooming services, choose us!

Pet grooming services are a treat for the pets and the owners alike! Reigning Cats and Dogs has a staff of highly trained cat and dog groomers that can refresh a coat before the summer or add a sleek shine for an upcoming event.  We have lots of experience grooming all breeds of dogs and cats.  You can rely on us to enhance your dog's or cat's character and help to reveal just how amazing they are!! Cat and dog groomers employed by Reigning Cats and Dogs are courteous and experienced in caring for the animals they're charged with, offering all the TLC requisite in clipping, combing, and trimming your dog into beautiful health!

It takes a special kind of person to be capable of professional dog grooming. All of our pet grooming staff loves to be around animals of all types. They pay special attention to the pets they see, treating each and every one as if it were their own pet. Here at Reigning Cats & Dogs, quality dog grooming is something that comes naturally for us.

From York, ME to Wells, ME, we welcome all pets!

Stop by Reigning Cats and Dogs to enjoy a high-end pet store with talented, expert staff.  For dog training classes and cat or dog grooming services, Reigning Cats and Dogs staffs the best in the York, ME area.  Come to one of Reigning Cats and Dogs' convenient locations in York, ME to see for yourself!

About Reigning Cats and Dogs:

pet store York, ME It is our mission to provide products that are created with passion! We know how important our pets are and we understand that many people share our feelings.  Our products have been selected because they go the extra length to insure integrity and reliability.

When you come into one of our stores you will be greeting by a knowledgeable and friendly staff.  We take lots of pride in providing answers, solutions and unbeatable service.

3 Garden St.
Kennebunk, ME

913 Post Rd.
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